China will create a Fund to support start-UPS to $6, 5 billion Mobile phones

The Chinese government will establish a venture capital Fund aimed at supporting organizations that work in new industries such As high technology and clean energy production. As informs Reuters, the amount of money of $ 40 billion yuan, or nearly 6, 5 billion dollars.The Agency emphasizes that the venture capital market in China remains underdeveloped, largely due to the fact that the local economy for decades was based on planning and administrative measures. Anyhow, analysis Zero21PO Capital, in the first part of 2014 in China was established 83 new venture capital Fund and venture capital investment increased by 157% compared with 2013) It is determined at a modest $6, 76 billion, but continues to grow.In the last few years, the PRC government encourages the development of venture investment market. Last month, for example, the regulators for the first time has allowed insurance companies to invest premiums collected in venture capital funds.A new Fund that has the ability to be generated for one week, will be financed at the expense of the country, as well as funds of private investors.. . . Читать полностью -->

Twitter has helped users closed Twitpic - Cell phones

Salvation at the last moment (the service was obliged to stop work on 25 October) announced in a published blog Twitpic Founder of file hosting for photos by Noah Everett. According to him, Twitpic " reached an agreement with Twitter On the domain transfer and archive images that will enable you to save images and links online.". . . . . Читать полностью -->

Apple shifted the payment of taxes to the Russian users of Mobile phones

ITunes SARL is a subsidiary organization Apple changed the user agreement relating translated into electronic form purchases in the online store. Under the new rules, the responsibility for payment of all due taxes now paid by the client, and not Apple."You are responsible for All tax obligations in the Russian Federation. All payments payable iTunes, are made without taking into account all applicable taxes, reported in a superior document. Part of the store, remember, is not only the iTunes Store with movies and music, but also the App Store for apps and iBooks Store for e-books.According to "Izvestia", the first value of the content For users from Russia consisted of taxes, and the Treaty For the EU countries have not changed. For them, any taxes and duties applicable at the time of purchase, is already accounted for in the total cost of the goods.Print edition links the decision of Apple to the fact that not So long ago the head of the Russian Federation centuries Putin blesed the proposal of the Ministry of communications on the introduction of a 10 percent tax from sales of licenses for computer software for payment of import substitution of foreign software. In addition, they say, "Izvestia", the government is preparing a project that will give the possibility to levy VAT foreign organizations providing telecommunications services to Russian consumers. Читать полностью -->

Mobile Office ceased to require a subscription for editing documents - Cell phones

Microsoft has made several major announcements regarding versions of office Office for mobile devices. First, the Company has removed the limitation related to the ban on editing documents without a paid subscription to Office 365. Secondly, Word, Excel and PowerPoint, in addition to the iPad, is now available on the iPhone and (test version) Android tablets.Office for iPad (read our review), remember, was released in March. The set of office applications can be downloaded from App Store for free, but without a paid subscription to Office 365 (the most affordable tariff plan is "Personal" for 199 rubles/month) its functionality was very limited. For example, without it we could only view, but not create or edit documents. In this regard, Microsoft strongly lost iWork from Apple, distributed free of charge.Today Microsoft has not only made Office available on iPhones and Android tablets, but also allowed to edit documents without Office 365. Читать полностью -->

The most stylish watches on Android Wear will cost $ 249 - Cell phones

Although Motorola is preparing to officially announce the start of sales of the smart watch Moto 360 in early autumn, the cost and the parameters of the device became known because of the leak. The website of the American retailer Best Buy by mistake unveiled the price and the options most awaited device on the Android platform Wear earlier time.On the Internet representation Best Buy was posted and then quickly deleted the following information: Moto 360 will cost $ 249 without taxes and subsidies. This is good news, first of all, most assumed that due to the stylish design, stainless steel case and unique as long as for "smart" watches classic round shape Moto 360 will appreciate more.Diameter display new items is 1, 5 inches with a resolution of 320 to 290 points (205 dpi). Maximum screen height slightly less than the width, because of technological limitations, the LCD display does not have the ability to be completely round, a small section of the front panel at the bottom had to sacrifice. The screen is covered with a protective glass Gorilla glass 3.Besides standard for smart watch built-in pedometer Moto 360 will receive the optical sensor heart rate. Hours can be immersed in water to a depth of one meter for 30 minutes. Читать полностью -->

Flickr has posted millions of historical illustrations - Cell phones

The employees of the organization Internet Archive downloaded for free millions of images, re-compiled from old books. For this we developed a special algorithm, wyceniamy and crop images. Base images have the opportunity besprepjatstvenno to apply all Interested.Just on Flickr is downloaded 14 million images (at the time of this writing, the Internet Archive had to download about 3 million). Automatic scanning algorithm was developed by the American academician Kalev Leetaru ON their own crops, smoothes and cleans the image. Each illustration added accompanying text, which gives the opportunity to carry out a full search.In the uploaded photo gallery, you can discover a lot of amazing images from antique maps and illustrations To medical references to images from erotic magazines hundred years ago. Each picture, added a reference to the book in which it is located, and the page number. Читать полностью -->

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